Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to increase blessings in Islam

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nothing is more powerful, quicker and easier than gratitude (shukr) if we want to increase our blessings in life. Gratitude cannot be faked because you cannot thank someone unless you know why you are thankful and understand the importance (qadr) of that gift and qadr of the giver of that gift (God/Allah). 
A sincere thank or gratitude reconnects us to our Lord and brings our heart and mind in harmony with Him.

The miracle of shukr is amazing. If you give sincere gratitude to Allah for a particular blessing, say your health or job, that blessing will continue to grow by the will of Allah. Most Muslims take shukr for granted and don't know the secret it holds. And in fact, it makes sense to believe why Lord increase blessings when we express shukr for them. 

If someone is trying to please you by giving you the things you need, the only price they need is appreciation and thanks from you, and nothing more. Imagine how God will feel if we only focus on taking the gifts and not bothering to acknowledge, praise and appreciate Him for His workings, mercy, capabilities, power, and generosity. We act like a selfish child whose only goal is to gather as many gifts as he can. A child doesn't bother thanking its benefactor. We come across as a selfish child driven by self-interest. 

What Hamza Yousuf is explaining here is an every-day human crisis. Why is it that having all the luxuries, health, wealth and social status in world most of the times fails to give us true fulfilment, joy and happiness? It happens all the time. If look at people and ourselves, everyone of us is complaining. Complaining stems from our ego, greed, competition and not accepting qadr.

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