Thursday, June 14, 2018

Gratitude or happiness: What's more powerful and why?

Gratitude is a personality trait built on appreciation and acknowledgement while happiness or being happy is merely an emotion that can either be caused negatively or positively (a killer may feel happy for killing a human but they can never be grateful). 

Key difference between gratitude and happiness
Gratitude is directed at the benefactor, while happiness is aimed at the benefit and it does not care about the benefactor or the person/source who brings that benefit - So, gratitude is selfless and appreciative while happiness is all about self-centeredness/selfishness - huge difference.

Anyone can be happy for any reason, but gratitude is expensive and takes courage, sincerity and intellect
A robber feels happy after robbing people of their hard-earned money. You can feel happy by showing off your wealth and social status. You can be happy without being grateful, but you cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Gratitude not only attracts more, it also attracts more happiness and comforts.

So, happiness can be achieved by doing any thing (good or evil) and it is not as powerful as gratitude when it comes to living a fulfilled life. 

Why is gratitude more powerful than happiness or being happy
Gratitude is based on "giving" (appreciation and acknowledgement of the benefactor/Universe/Nature/Allah/God) while happiness is based on "taking." Gratitude is an investment while happiness is a return/outcome that does not last long. A return (happiness) cannot bring more returns or more benefits. but investment (gratitude) is sure to bring returns. Simply put, happiness is all about taking, taking and taking - and not giving (valuing, appreciating, and understanding the importance of the source that benefits us)

Gratitude is based on the universal law of cause-and-effect. You pay something to get something. You don't get more if your only concern is to get benefits without giving anything. Gratitude takes a lot of thinking effort to assess, value and appreciate the hard works done by the Creator/Nature/God. When you are grateful for something to the Creator (or to some human), you are actually giving (paying) your attention, energy, and time to appreciate the source (from where the benefit or favor came).  

Gratitude is acknowledgement/appreciation/praise of the source that benefits you or does you a favor. Gratitude is triggered by a positive assessment of a situation that has benefited us or a situation that we find beneficial. Gratitude should not be confused with happiness. Happiness is a pretty weak emotion compared with gratitude.

Why happiness cannot attract more happiness
Happiness is based on self interest or more precisely, selfishness (you win a lottery, and you get happy. You can still be happy without acknowledging the source that led to the winning of that lottery - without even bothering to appreciate the real source through which lottery happened - but you can still be happy). Happiness is based on caring about own self, own benefit while gratitude has nothing to do with self-interest.

Happiness does not attract abundance, rather it takes a lot of things away from you. So don't run after happiness - try your best to go after gratitude and appreciation and happiness will chase you and find you without your having to work on it.

If you go after happiness, happiness will get further and further away from you while if you go after gratitude, happiness will follow you around like a shadow. Gratitude is king emotion that attracts abundance, wealth and happiness like a magnet.

Should I try to be happy
Stop thinking about trying to be happy -- instead try to build an attitude of gratitude. If you pursue gratitude and develop it through constant practice, happiness will get down on its knees and will come to you in countless forms. But if you go after happiness or try to be happy all the time, it will start slipping away from you, causing you to take actions, work hard, and worry yourself sick about how to be happy.

Why is everyone obsessed about being happy
Today, self-help books and personal development tips are loaded with 'how-to-be-happy type guide and instructions, but people are getting unhappier by the day. Why? because they fail to understand that happiness is not based on giving as all the universal laws are functioning on one principal: Give-and-take or Cause-and-effect


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