Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dua-prayer when pregnancy pain is severe

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, June 7, 2018
Asslamoalaikum brothers and sisters ! Today I am going to share a very powerful and effective dua to stop pregnancy pain. Most women who expect the birth of their child often have to go through pain before delivery and this is when the need to turn to Allah is the way to go. 

Recite the below mentioned dua-prayer with full faith in Allah and you will be relieved of ongoing pain as well as other birth-related problems as the dua is based on safety, protection and security.
Dua prayer to step pregnancy pain
Dua-prayer for stopping pregnancy pain in Islam

I have added the Arabic text with English translation. In order to get the desired results from the prayer, please dwell on the meaning with full focus and feel protection and relief coming. 

The alleviation/removal of pregnancy pain will depend on how much trust you put in Allah and His abilities. Another important aspect is thankfulness which works like a miracle for duas/prayer to be accepted by Allah. 

Secret Dua Technique to alleviate pregnancy pain in minutes

This dua technique is a surefire way to manifest your heartfelt desires. Allah loves His appreciation and praise. When we thank Allah for a desire even before it has been fulfilled (or in advance), He accepts it. Try it and be grateful to the Lord 


1. Close your eyes

2. Imagine in your mind that Allah has stopped the pain. See in your imagination that you are happy about the fulfilment of your dua and Allah has showered His mercy upon you by giving you relief. Imagine yourself telling family members about your pain relief and see smile on their faces. 

3. Give thanks to Allah for the relief in your imagination. Try to bring intense feelings of thankfulness for this favour. 

When you end this prayer session, star thanking Allah verbally as well. Thank Allah for this dua, for Mohammad Peace Upon Him who taught us this dua, for angels who reveal verses, for this post, for your eyes that let you see this dua, for you time and health that enabled you to find this solution. 


Thanks for reading Dua-prayer when pregnancy pain is severe

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