Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why isn't your wazifa working? Here's the quick and easy enough fix

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, October 26, 2017
A lot of people start wazaif to make their desires/duas come true, but most of the times they don't get what they ask for and they often get to the point where they get disillusioned with wazifa wondering what can work and not work for them. What's even more disturbing in this scenario is that most of the wazifa practitioners even stop making regular duas with interest, which drags them further and further away from Allah and deen.

Most notable reasons why most of the people don’t get results from wazaif:

1. You have a vague and unclear desire/dua/wish

Vague or unclear duas/desires mean you don't know exactly what you want from Allah. In order to have a clear and exact duas, decide exactly what you want. Instead of just saying to Allah that you need a lot of money in life, decide how much money you need in how many months/year. Set a particular date by which you need that amount of money. Make a mental request by imagining your desired amount of money having been given by Allah. Unclear and vague duas reflect that you are not interested in your desire because if you were, you would imagine the exact scenario you wanted.

2. You are not doing your wazifa with one hundred percent faith in Allah/Creator

Faith is the key to getting your desires fulfilled by Allah as having weak faith not only indicates that you are not sure what you are wanting from Allah, but it also lets Allah know that you are not giving Him the value you should be giving as He has power over everything and fulfilling your desires is not hard for Him. 

3. You are not having patience

Patience is the key as it lets you stay focused on your duas/desire. Patience also breaks negative thought cycles that haunt your mind and soul and it keeps you full of hope. Keep reminding yourself of being patient when your mind and shaitan starts playing game trying to distract your focus. Keep reciting "Innallaha ma'asaabireen" (Allah is with the patient). You will notice that negative thought cycle has stopped all of a sudden.  

4. You are not avoiding sins 

Allah has taught us in Quran whatever evil comes to us is the direct result of our own mistakes/negligence and whatever good/blessing comes to us is because of Allah's mercy and favour. Try to stick to farz at the start and gradually build your connection with Allah.

5. You are ungrateful/thankless for present blessings and favours

Just wanting more and more and ignoring countless existing blessings is selfish. It is not that you should not want more and ask Allah for granting you more, but ignoring present blessings lets Allah know that you will treat the coming/future blessings the say way that you have been doing for years. Your current behaviour and attitude towards blessings and favours from Allah shows that you will continue to be an ungrateful, selfish person and that is why blockage and discontinuation of more blessings makes sense. 
Allah says in Quran “If you are grateful, I will give you more. But, if you are ungrateful, my punishment is severe.” 

Today, modern psychology has also shed light on how powerful gratitude/gratefulness is as it rewires our brain and spiritually brings us in harmony with our desires. Start giving thanks for every single blessing from today (I have written a lot of posts about gratitude on my blog. You can find a couple of them here and if you want me to tell you a detailed method of how to practice gratitude, I will try my best to help).


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  1. In numerous instances, there are wazifas guaranteed for results in a specified time period, i.e. 5, 7, or 11 days. Being patient an agreed upon time is usually not a concern for most people. The problem is when the expectation of results is not met.
    As far as the other conditions, even when those are met, wazifas still do not work because...this, or any other type of prayer or meditation, is not a proven, effective method of manifestation.
    In this case, any attributing results at best could be considered a placebo effect. Lacking satisfactory conditions, it makes sense the placebo would cause a reversed effect, in which case, another individual who meets all requirements should essentially be effective in performing a wazifa for someone else in need.


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