Monday, August 21, 2017

Dua when building a new house

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, August 21, 2017
Question: I am going to build a new house in a few months and I need an Islamic dua so that I can attract Allah's blessings and rehmat into my newly-built home.

Answer: There are many beautiful duas that can serve our  purpose. It is important that we turn to Allah in every situation. 

Making dua does not mean that you should act like you lack something which must be achieved all costs, but it should be more about deeper connection to the Almighty.

English translation of the dua: Allahumma La Sahla Illa Maa Ja-altahu Sahlan Wa-anta Taj-alul Hazna Iza Shi'ta Sahla

Building a new house/home is an important aspect of your worldly life and we should always stay alert of shaitain and his mischief as Allah warns in Quran of his deceptive ways. Many times, shaitan completes his agenda through jealous people around us as he tries to provoke hatred, jealousy and competition without any reason. Your newly-built house must be protected with blessings from Allah.

Stay blessed ! 


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