Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dua and wazifa to sell property quickly

Are you trying to sell your property or house without wasting any more time but there seems no hope as the market is tight and there are no buyers out there? Stop worrying as this is also a test from Allah. Your patience, reliance on Allah and your gratefulness/ingratitude is being tested in this instance too. This powerful wazifa-dua is for you. Let's get started.


1- Choose Fajr and Asr time (after you have offered salah/prayer)
2) Sit in quite place (for concentration, it is a must)
3) Recite Surah Fatiha 21 times (keep your dua/aim/desire in your mind while reciting. Imagine that Allah has listened to your dua and you have sold the property)
4) Continue this wazifa/dua for 11 days straight

To get 100% results:

*  ) After you have finished your dua/wazifa as mentioned above, close your eyes and imagine Allah has made it possible for you sell your property/house/plot. Imagine receiving cash or cheque. Feel the excitement that will come as a result of selling of your property. Create powerful imagination and let Allah know that you believe in Him and His ability and His mercy. Now try to give thanks to Allah in your imagination an promise that you will give thanks to Him when you actually sell your property/plot in coming days.

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