Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dua and wazifa to sell property quickly

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 4, 2017
Are you trying to sell your property or house without wasting any more time but there seems no hope as the market is tight and there are no buyers out there? Stop worrying as this is also a test from Allah. Your patience, reliance on Allah and your gratefulness/ingratitude is being tested in this instance too. This powerful wazifa-dua is for you. Let's get started.

wazifa dua for selling property fast


  1. Choose Fajr and Asr time (after you have offered salah/prayer)
  2. Sit in a quite place (for concentration, it is a must).
  3. Recite Surah Fatiha 21 times after fajr and 21 times after Asr (keep your dua/aim/desire in your mind while reciting. Imagine that Allah has listened to your dua and you have sold the property).
  4. Continue this wazifa/dua for 11 days straight.

To get 100% results

After you have finished your dua/wazifa as mentioned above, close your eyes and imagine Allah has made it possible for you sell your property/house/plot. Imagine receiving cash or cheque. Feel the excitement that will come as a result of selling of your property. Create powerful imagination and let Allah know that you believe in Him and His ability and His mercy. Now try to give thanks to Allah in your imagination an promise that you will give thanks to Him when you actually sell your property/plot in coming days.

For House

Selling your house might be on your must-do list due to a number of reasons and the current market conditions are probably scaring you. But being a believer you must know that God is above all things and He has infinite intelligence and power to make it possible for you to sell your home on an urgent basis. All you have to do is put your complete trust in Allah and His abilities and as discussed above, start feeling thankful from now.

For Land

Maybe you have land to sell quickly but there are no buyers in sight. Stop worrying and start accepting the fact that for Allah nothing is impossible. No matter what type of land you are planning to sell, be it a plot, an agriculture land, a farm house or space for any purpose, you can use this dua-wazifa.

For Shop

Want to sell your shop but having doubts whether you are going to get the right price for it? Dua and wazifas are the tools that quickly reconnect us to our Creator - Allah. You probably wonder whether now is the best time for you to sell your shop because you think the market may go up in coming days or months and your profits may go down. Such doubts will disappear once you sit down to practice this prayer.

Thanks for reading Dua and wazifa to sell property quickly

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  1. Can any member of the family or friend do this wafiza for the property

    1. Yes, any member from your family can practise this wazifa. Make sure you follow the steps and the last paragraph as well because it is very very important to create the feeling of 100% belief before actually Allah listens to your prayer/wazifa. Allah wants to know how much serious, committed and thankful we are before he fulfills our desire (selling your house in this case). Good luck

  2. Is it a mandatory to follow this wazifa in that place only in which we have to sell !!

    1. Not, not mandatory. You can sit anywhere, but make sure you are sitting in a quite place where your attention and focus on prayer/wazifa is intact. If you can sit in the place/property, then it is even better.

  3. I want sale my shop urgent .because it is going loss . please wazifa .shukran jazakallah

  4. I want sale my house urgent .because it is going loss . please wazifa .shukran jazakallah

  5. I want sale my land urgent because it is going loss please wazifa jazakallah

  6. My husband cousin create false deed for my husbands land with many lies. Now it's in courts.
    Pl ask dua for my husband to win

  7. I want tu buy shop but it's so costly plz tell me wazifa for arranging payment as soon as possible plzz tell me

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  10. Thanks so much for this prayes

  11. Tested and trusted. Alhamdulillahi

  12. Aslam make dua to sell my house of plaine magnien, I need money ungent

  13. I want my former friend back to me please what to read to return him normal.

  14. I need to sell my goods wazifa for sell quickly


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