Thursday, April 20, 2017

How do I keep my gratitude journal? An easy practice that brings fast results !

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, April 20, 2017
It is probably the best gratitude practice that I have ever used and I still use it on a regular basis. The practice involves a journal (sheets of paper, a diary or any other paper that has enough space to write on on a daily basis -- or even better if you are maintaining an MS Word file for this purpose.)

Remember, your gratitude practice will not produce the desired results if you are not able to create the required feelings/vibrations. Feelings and vibrations are directly related to thinking and thoughts. As for gratitude, creating the right thought, that is, assessing the value and importance of a particular blessing is the key to gaining the desired results.

Write five things that you are grateful for

Each blessing/favor has to center around these five fundamental questions:

1. Who was responsible for doing me this favour?

2. What's my role in making it happen?

3. What worse could have happened if this favour was never done to me?

4. What are the benefits?

5. I am being grateful for persons, things (material/non-material such as time, space, electricity, vehicles, raw material of all kinds, air, earth, etc) involved in making this blessing manifested.


Ten things I am grateful for:

1. I am extremely grateful to God/Creator for my job

Who's responsible for bringing me my job?
The creator hasn't assigned us humans the work of creation as even the simplest acts of creation such as movement of my little finger or blinking of an eye requires infinite intelligence and power. We are only supposed to let the Creator know what we feel about His blessings and favours. There are unlimited processes involved in a single act of creation such as my being employed. The company's building material (cement, concrete, rock, wood) has elements that no human or creature has created. The gravity of Earth on which my company building rests is beyond us humans. All the credit goes to God/Creator. My ego wants to steal the credit for my success, but the fact is I am just a single breath away from death. So who's controlling things?

What's my role?
No role at all. My job is a huge favor and blessing from God. What if I fell ill and couldn't grab the job opportunity? What if the company I am working for goes bankrupt due to financial crisis? There are unlimited things going on in my job that are beyond me.

It could always be worse
Create the feeling of what would it feel like if you had no job at all and paying off debts and bills was an impossible task for you. In this section, you must assess the value and importance of your job and without creating the feeling of losing it is not possible. You can dwell on questions based on worse-case scenario where you have no job, no money as it happens to people all the time.

State as many benefits of your job as possible. For example, write "I am thankful to God for this job as it helps me pay my utility bills. My job brings in enough cash for me to put food on the table.

All the persons/things/events/material/non-material things that were used as a bridge to bring you your job
The interview guy who picked me as an employee for his company. The friend who drew my attention to the advertisement for this job. My parents who supported me every step of the way during my job hunt. My boss who is so supportive and kind as without his nice gesture I would never be able to feel comfortable.

Write other four blessings you can think of, backed by the same five questions.

Create your own gratitude journal and let me know how well you are going in your practice. Hopefull I can be of some help. Stay blessed ! 

Thanks for reading How do I keep my gratitude journal? An easy practice that brings fast results !

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