Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gratitude prayer/dua for Allah's mercy

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, April 22, 2017
By Ali Jamal

Allah has talked about His mercy on people and everything in Quran and it is very important for a Muslim to pay attention to this favour/blessing as taking it for granted will not only attract the Creator's anger, but it will also leave us spiritually bankrupt as ignoring Allah's favors is described as "Kufr" in Quran.

Gratitude Journal
This gratitude practice is based on five important points/questions that will intensify your gratitude:
Spend at least five minutes writing and dwelling on these points, thinking about each point in detail. It will help you create intense feelings of gratitude.

What am I grateful for: I am extremely grateful to Allah for having mercy on me

Point # 1 Who deserves credit for this great blessing?

Scientifically, physically, spiritually and in every form, every single act of creation is done by the Creator as even the most straightforward act of creation (such as creation of atom or the blinking of my eyes) requires infinite intelligence and knowledge). Allah deserves all the credit for having mercy on me because

Technically, creation isn't the standard by which Allah judges us. It is surrender and thankfulness or ingratitude (kufr) that Allah uses as an assessment criteria to test us.

Point # 2 What's my role in this blessing?

No role at all. If something cannot create itself, it also cannot act or function on its own. What if Allah hadn't showered His mercy on people. We surely would have been caught and punished for our mistakes and ingratitude. Be grateful for Allah's mercy.

Point # 3 Try to assess the real value/importance of this blessing (by dwelling on a scenario where this blessing has been taken away or was never gifted to us)/What worse could have happened if Allah hadn't showered His mercy on people, me and everything existing in the universe?

Allah could have punished us right there and then if it hadn't been for His mercy. Allah would not have continued the existence if it hadn't be for His mercy. Imagine Allah has stopped having His mercy on us - the gravity of Earth has been taken away - the air we breath has been mixed with poisonous gases making it hard for people to breath - the animals have started going wild and they are attacking humans and other animals - the food we eat start to stale and decompose because air has been contaminated now - winds are blowing at breakneck speed causing people to collide with each other (a nation was destroyed by Allah by sending powerful winds that caused people to literally fly smashing their heads against each other - the result was painful death and humiliating punishment after constant warnings from Allah). So, would we have existed if Allah had stopped having mercy on us ? Absolutely no, the scenario would have been different. So why not be grateful for His mercy as it keeps our life intact and painless. (You think of literally millions of points on how valuable this blessing - mercy of Allah - is).

Point # 4 - Dwell on the benefits on Allah's mercy on us (Go back to the point 3, and you can come up with hundreds of benefits of Allah's mercy that we tend to ignore in our day-to-day life).

Point # 5 - Be grateful for everything used as a tool/vehicle to manifest this blessing (mercy of Allah)
In this case, be grateful for all the messengers and prophets (Be be Upon Them) who came from time to time by the will of Allah to spread His message. Be grateful for all the angels assigned to practically and intelligently manifest Allah's mercy on us/people/humans and everything (angels who drive clouds, angels who guard and protect us humans from harms and evils, angels who make dua for the righteous people  when Allah commands them to do so, the most glorious of all angels - Jibriel AS - as he was assigned to reveal Allah's message to prophets and messengers.

Thanks for reading Gratitude prayer/dua for Allah's mercy

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