Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Surah Takasur/Takathur English transliteration

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Surah Takasur or Takathur is the 102nd of The Noble Quran and has eight verses. The Surah starts with talking about the competitive mindset that people usually have against each other in worldly affairs, particularly wealth and money.

English transliteration

Al hakumut-takasur
Hat-ta zurtumul maqabir
Kalla saufa ta'lamoon
Sum-ma kalla saufa ta'lamoon
Kalla lao ta'lamoona ilmal yaqeen
Latara-wunnal jaheem
Sum-ma latara-wunnaha ainal yaqeen
Sum-ma latus alunna yauma izin anin na-eem

To gain maximum benefits from this transliteration, you can not only read the text to better understand how each word is pronounced, but also listen to the recitation.

Dig a little deeper into the Surah

Surah Takasur (Takahur) is a short chapter of the Quran and people generally memorise it to make it part of their regular salah. It is not enough to recite Arabic words, although compulsory, if we don't understand the message each verse contains and the instructions Allah gives us through it.  

Thanks for reading Surah Takasur/Takathur English transliteration

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