Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wazifa for business success

You might have practised a number of wazaif for business success, but this simple 21-day wazifa is for you, if you want to increase your business effortlessly and lead a good spiritual life. Putting your confidence in Allah is very important and this aspect also applies to business and financial life. We often tend to ignore Allah and religion when it comes to worldly affairs as we attempt to deal with problems with our own mind and mental efforts, which most of the times leads to further confusion.

Wazifa for business success:

1) Sit in a comfortable and quite place after Fajr or Asr salah (namaz)
1) Recite Durood e Ibraimi three times
2) Recite "Wallahu Khair-ur-Raziqeen" 700 times

3) Recite Durood e Ibrahimi three times

Do the wazifa for 21 days straight.

The idea of this wazifa is to let your mind stop relying on your own ego and paying attention to the power and mercy of Allah who is the best of all providers. I have seen a lot of people rise to promotions and gain business success using this simple-to-recite wazifa. You don't even need to consult any spiritual healer to sort the problem out. Put this into practice and see miracles happen right before your eyes.

This wazifa will give you hundred percent desired results  if you:

1) Have a one hundred percent belief that Allah will manifest your desire as you recite the wazifa till the end.
2) Have patience.
3) Be regular in five-times prayers
4) Do your best to avoid sins
5) Practise this wazifa with punctuality

Let me know how well you did. Share you experience in the comment section. 

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