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Short dua to overcome laziness & procrastination

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Laziness is bad. 

Islam encourages people to be active and overcome lethargy and procrastination. Laziness is one of the ailments that Islam despises, and it is one of the diseases that the Prophet of Islam sought Allah's protection and refuge from.)

Here is a short, yet powerful dua to protect against laziness and nurture productivity, activism in your everyday life. 

Dua to protect against laziness and procrastination

Allahumma inna na'auzubika minal ajzi wal kasal

O Allah ! I seek refuge with You from incapacity and laziness


There are countless benefits and blessings of understanding, reciting and making this dua part of your everyday life. Some of the prominent ones include:
  • Helps you achieve your goals and daily tasks
  • Makes you a productive and constructive human in every area of your life
  • Nurtures thankfulness in you as you will start appreciating God for His favors 
  • Greatly improves your marital life as you will start living a happily married life 
  • Increases overall happiness and fulfillment in life 
  • Gives you healthy body as a result of positive, active thinking
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Lowers blood pressure 

Dangers of laziness

Laziness poses a real threat to human happiness and success. Being Muslim, we are reminded of how we should seek refuge with Allah against this disease and stay protected. Here are some of the lethal dangers of procrastination:
  • Bad health
  • Poverty & debt 
  • Selfishness increases 
  • You become neglectful
  • People gain power over you because you do not think and act for your own good. So people, your family members and others will take decisions for you.

Important steps to take  

The first step in combatting laziness is to understand that, like all undesirable habits, it is a habit that we have developed through repeated practice. We keep doing it because it gives us comfort and pleasure.

To counter the onslaught of laziness, take these steps:
  • Whenever you find yourself trapped in laziness, quickly do this powerful exercise: Stop any mental activity, take a few deep breaths, and in your mind, pretend like you are a very active, productive, focused and successful person. Spend 2-3 minutes on this exercise. Gradually, this little exercise will develop positive mental patterns in your mind and you will break the cycle of laziness.
  • Quickly think about the possible consequences of laziness and reflect on how dangerous they are to your well-being, happiness and success. Remember the dangers and negative consequences of being lazy and compare them with the benefits of being active and productive.


Thanks for reading Short dua to overcome laziness & procrastination

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  1. It's Allahumma inni na'auzubika minal ajzi wal kasal.

    Because in Arabic it was written "Inni"



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