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How Spirituality Can Improve Our Social Connections

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 By Zarrah Felton

The world has become busier and more competitive than before. These changes do not only affect our individual lives but also our relationships with one another. The pressures that arise from a busy and competitive world paved the way for greed and selfishness to corrupt humanity.

Nowadays, people no longer care much about the quality of their social connections. All they care about is the pursuit of their selfish interests. It seems like prestige, status, and wealth have become the ultimate goals for these people. This should not be the case, however. 

Our social connections play a crucial role in determining whether or not we live or have lived a good life in the end. Hence, it should always be our ultimate goal to have genuine and profound relationships with one another. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to embrace spirituality as individuals. Spirituality can improve our social connections in many different ways.

Spirituality makes us kind and compassionate

Spirituality is commonly equated with kindness and compassion. Oftentimes, we use our acts of kindness and compassion as measures of how effective our spiritual practices are. This is one of the beauties of being spiritual – it makes us kind and compassionate toward other people. 

Practicing spirituality essentially makes a difference in how we treat one another. We tend to be more caring and understanding of one another when we are spiritual. We consider one another as fellow human beings worthy of love and respect. Therefore, as we become more and more spiritual, we are contributing more and more kindness and compassion to humanity that has been corrupted by greed and selfishness.

Spirituality improves our sense of commitment

Practicing spirituality is not just a one-time thing; it is a lifetime commitment. Once we decide to journey on the spiritual path, there is no turning back. We may come across stumbling blocksand falter a couple of times, but no barriers or challenges can ever make us move away from our spiritual commitment.

Spirituality, in essence, makes us more committed as individuals. It makes us more determined and focused on our purpose. This improved sense of commitment is something that can greatly help us in our relationships with other people. The more committed we are as a result of our spirituality, the more satisfying our relationships become.

Spirituality cultivates a sense of unity

Spirituality contributes to unity, which is a necessary prerequisite for having strong and satisfying connections with other people.

When we are spiritual, we tend to live beyond ourselves. We do not see ourselves as the center of the universe but as a single star in the sky playing an important role in making the world a bright place rather. In other words, being spiritual makes us realize how important unity is, and it helps us recognize our essential role in making unity possible. Spirituality, therefore, cultivates among us a sense of unity. 

By practicing spirituality, we can learn that in order to build strong and healthy connections, there should be unity and oneness among us.

Spirituality helps us achieve happiness

Happiness is an essential element of a strong and healthy relationship. When we are happy, we tend to connect more genuinely and profoundly with other people. Happiness, however, is not that easy to achieve. In order to attain happiness, we must first undergo healing and transformation. We must allow ourselves to heal from our old wounds and transform into renewed individuals. There is no better way to accomplish this than to practice spirituality. 

Spirituality essentially helps us relinquish our egos and experience complete forgiveness and unconditional love. Once we choose to journey on the spiritual path, we can realize that the only way to be happy with ourselves and our relationships is to forgive, heal, and transform. 

Spirituality can indeed improve our social connections in various ways. It can make us kind, compassionate, committed, selfless, and happy as individuals, which are essential characteristics in building strong and healthy relationships. As the world continues to wallow in corruption and greed, there is an increasing need for us to embrace spirituality and walk on the spiritual path.

Spirituality not only improves our individual lives; it also nurtures our relationships so that we can have a deeper understanding and appreciation for everything and everyone around us. As we go on with our lives, may we soon become more spiritual individuals who are connected more genuinely and profoundly with one another.

About Zarrah Felton

Zarrah Felton has worked as a freelance copy writer and a book editor for a self-publishing company for over eight years now.

An aspiring author, Zarrah is currently working on spirituality and mindfulness.

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