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Follow 4 simple habits to open third eye fast

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By Madiha Iqbal

Our third eye is the window to our own soul, to our inner self. It’s not a glance into an unseen paradox or any hidden world. To awaken the third eye is to really just awaken yourself, to know yourself, to recognise your inner gut, and in short, the awakening of the sixth sense. Just like every safe needs a specific key, our soul needs a deeper understanding of our mind and heart to awaken itself.

The most fruitful gift a person can give to himself is the recognition of its inner self. Maulana Rumi, the master of spirituality, used to say:

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”

Our third eye is said to be located between our eyebrows, scientifically named, pineal gland.

What happens when you open third eye

This pineal gland was labelled as the ‘third eye’ mainly because of its presence deep into our brain; even RenĂ© Descartes, a French philosopher, was amazed with the pineal gland. He regarded pineal gland as the ‘seat of the soul’.

Awakening of the third eye requires a drive within our soul. It is the sense beyond touch, taste, smell, sound and sight; it is mind over body, soul over desire, whisper over words.

Below is an outlook on how you can acquire this window to your soul.


Silence your mind

To silence your mind, you need to cultivate your inner thoughts. Meditate, exercise, do yoga or adapt whatever ways you find to calm yourself. Some people make art, some write, some meditate and some read. 

Because to listen to your inner voice, you need to silence your thoughts. Let the wisdom guide you by making way for it.


Be Curious

Maybe it’s not curiosity that killed the cat, maybe it was the satisfaction of finally knowing.

Being curious doesn’t mean to dig up someone’s life, but to search for your own.

Learn things that feel good; you saw a dream? Search for its meaning; you met a leader/role model? Ask the question that’s been haunting you; you made a mistake? Amend it! 

Learn about your intuition, do what feels right, what your gut tells you to do.


Be Creative

Let your creativity flow; make and design what comes to your mind. It also lightens your head a little and makes room for various new ideas to pop up. Being creative also brings insightful ideas and visions to unfold.

Maya Angelou’s famous quote states, “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”


Stay Grounded

When you know your roots, when you know where your foot lies, only then you can acquire a higher degree of enlightenment. Growth is always upward, what matters is the effort you put at the grounds of your inner self’s foundation.

Stay humble and discreet, avoid arguments and irrelevant chatters; focus on your mind and body.

Being grounded helps us to stay oriented; it removes any negativity or confusion which might occur to us by proclaiming self.

Third eye can only be awakened if we let go of ourselves in the process, good things take time; so give yourself, and your mind, time to focus on its surroundings and inner self.


Author Bio: Madiha Iqbal

I'm a blogger, reader, and traveler. Though I don’t maintain a niche blog, writing diaries and journals has been my favorite hobby for a long time now. I have a keen interest in subjects like spirituality, astrophysics, natural sciences, philosophy, and history.




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