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6 key advantages of becoming a nurse

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Similar to any other profession, there are certain pros and cons associated with nursing. Therefore, before applying for an online program it is significant to judge the advantages involved in pursuing a nursing career. After this, you can determine if you are willing and capable of taking on the responsibility. 

Before getting into the advantages of pursuing nursing it is significant to understand that many people get into this profession because they are trying to help others. People getting into the profession for making money are likely to be unhappy and there might be job security issues.

Benefits & advantages of becoming a nurse

1. Helping out others

They may be fighting for patient’s rights or caring for patients at their bedside, the nurses are in the business of saving or improving patient's lives. All nurses play a significant and unique role in shaping up the health and wellness of families, individuals, and even the community they are serving.

2. Great demand

The registered nurses are in great demand especially those having BSN. They will continue to be in great demand right throughout the country. In the year 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the demand for registered nurses is likely to grow by 15% from 2016 to 2026. It is a much quicker rate than the average rate stated in the report for other professions.

The bureau also enlisted that the Chicago metro area is likely to have one of the greatest demands for registered nurses in the U.S.

3. Good earning potential

There was an article published recently on Yahoo News that indicated that any nurse working in the U.S. earns an average annual income in the excess of $60,000. It is more than twice that of the global average income for nurses. Another notable fact is that the average salaries of registered nurses are usually higher for the metro areas than compared to that of nurses working in rural areas. The labor statistics bureau has listed the average income of nurses working in the Chicago metropolitan area to be more than $76,000.

4. Range of opportunities

Although the hospitals have been mainly responsible for being the biggest employers of registered nurses, these days various nurses may select applying their skills to a range of practice settings. They may develop skill sets to work on cruise ships, airplanes, campsites, or military bases. You can find more than a hundred areas of specialty you can select from, including holistic nursing, forensic nursing, travel nursing, and informatics nursing.

5. Flexible schedule

Normally speaking, being a nurse also allows for greater flexibility. The registered nurses can opt to work part-time, full-time, or on-call basis depending on the kind of employer they are seeking. Several healthcare employers get their nurses to work for three twelve-hour shifts during a week. This is great for the nurses who do not mind working for long hours to get four consecutive days off from work.

6. Trustworthy profession with a simple wardrobe requirement

If you take into consideration ethical standards and honesty, you will find that the nursing profession has kept its numero uno spot in most of the polls for the last 16 years. During the year 2017, more than 80% of Americans described the nurses to have very high standards of ethics.

Thanks mainly to the straightforward dress code required that consists of sneakers and scrubs, there is no need for the nurses to consider what they want to wear for long. And the scrubs are so comfortable that many people from different professions use them as PJs.

Becoming a registered nurse

As can be seen, there are many advantages to this profession, however, there are also many requirements you have to complete before becoming a nurse. The main element is taking examinations that may involve nursing assignment writing, especially the NCLEX exams that are used by the board as a standard test for deciding whether a candidate is ready to get a license for being a registered nurse. This exam is administered by the National State Boards of Nursing. The NCLEX RN test is conducted for RNs or registered nurses and it involves extra education and more responsibility.

Many nursing students find it hard to write their research work such as essays, assignments in scholarly writing required by their institute. This puts students in trouble.

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