Saturday, October 17, 2020

Easy dua-wazifa for diarrhea for child | adults

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, October 17, 2020

Diarrhea or loose motion can be a trouble if they are not cured at the right time. Although a common health-related problem, delaying its cure might weakens the body. So if you are taking medicines or seeing a doctor, keep doing it, but also don't forget to rely on Allah and use this simple dua-wazifa to get rid of the problem. 

dua wazifa for diarrhea and loose motion


1) Recite Surah Qadr 14 times in the morning before eating anything 

2) Blow on water and drink it (or give it to the patient to drink)

Please keep doing this amal daily. The problem will go away Insha Allaa. 

The dua is prescribed in a popular book from wazaif and prayers written by a renowned Islamic scholar. Please practice if you have diarrhea problem or are having loose motion. 

Read Surah Qadr English transliteration.

For infants and children as well

If your child has been suffering from diarrhea or loose motion, you need this dua now. Follow the above-mentioned steps by reciting Surah Qadr 14 times, blowing on water and then give it to the baby (if it's infant, you can do it with spoon). Allah will cure the baby Insha Allah. 


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  1. Aslamualikum
    My child is 8 months old...He is getting new teeth and having loose motions...I need dua to recite my child to come teeth easily with no pain..

  2. Koun si dua hai meri bhi same problem hai


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