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Effective Ayat e Karima wazifa for marriage problems

  Pakrush Admin       Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ayat e Karima is powerful, and also a quick remedy when it comes to solving our problems and getting our prayers answered by Allah. 

Since marriage is one of the main social aspects of human life, many people who face challenges in this area, need a solution that only fulfills their desire but also creates barakah in it. 

The power that Ayat e Karima holds is unfathomable because it is based on repentance, acceptance and praise of God. Nothing stands in between God and a sincere prayer. So, make the most of these beautiful words that Prophet Yunus AS uttered while trapped in the stomach of a whale. 


1) After Isha salah, make wudu

2) Sit in a calm and quiet place 

3) Recite 313 times this dua: "La ilaha illa annta subhaanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimeen"

4) Now recite Durood Shareef one time

5) Raise your hands and make a sincere dua to Allah in your own language. Ask Allah to solve your marriage-related problem.

6) Recite Durood Sharee one more time 

Within a few days of practicing this wazifa, you will begin to see good signs. Just keep reciting the above mentioned dua through the method explained here. You will soon have situations that pave the way for your desire to be fulfilled. Don't forget to also thank Allah for showing you the ways and solutions. 

Who can recite it

Marriage related issues are many. There are those who are looking to get married as fast as they can while there are also married couples whom problems can be as much complex as those of unmarried persons. 

To get married soon 

This wazifa can be practiced by those who are yet to be married and they want to marry as fast as they can. There are plausible reasons for you to marry soon as it is advised in Islam to not waste young life, living without nikah. 

Marry someone you like or love

If you happened to like someone, a woman or a man, make up your mind about that person whether they are good for you or not. Consult with elders also. If you are 100% percent sure and cannot think of marrying someone other than the person you love. Then you do this wazifa. Follow the method and Allah will pave the way for you. Also, keep thanking Allah during this time. 

Good marriage proposals and acceptance

Parents of young children often worry themselves sick due to not having good marriage proposals. Ayat e karima has the power to create the suitable circumstances that will attract the right proposal for your girl or boy. 

By practicing this wazifa, you will not only attract a good proposal but will also have acceptance from them Insha Allah. Just stick to the wazifa method mentioned above until problems gets solved. 


Thanks for reading Effective Ayat e Karima wazifa for marriage problems

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