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Why Narcissist Will Never Let You Go

  Anonymous       Thursday, June 25, 2020
Narcissists will always want to keep you hooked and never let you go despite hating you. Once you try to break away from you, they will try to come closer to you even more actively--not because they want you but your going away does not feed their addiction anymore. Secondly, they cannot stand rejection. A narc will not let you go without trying to manipulate you again. It is important to see why narcissists behave in this manner to understand their maneuvers. Narcissism often takes the form of a psychological disease that can be healed but the very personality of a narc stands in the way of healing. 

Childhood Trauma At Play

There is always childhood trauma involved for narcissists and most of them do what they do without even conscious knowledge. Consider their behavior by this example, a person addicted to cigarettes or alcohol will always reach for one unconsciously no matter how conscious they are about its dangers or risk factors. Narcissists, in their childhood, suffered some kind of trauma and abuse from their parents. These traumatic memories are always at play unless a narc decides to seek professional help and heal their behavioral condition. 

The narcissists will always use the same and very common tactics to keep you hooked. Narcissists are borderline sociopaths and have no conscience and regard for other people's soul, feelings and emotions. It is not their problem. It is always your problem. 

The past for narcissist is always pointless because instead of seeing the need to improve themselves, they go against it just fulfill their wishes and agenda. Study the past of a narcissist and you will see he has been abused/bullied and harmed in the past and going into adulthood, they should have the learnt the values of empathy and conscience but they always learn the hard way. 

You might wonder and ask what is it that a narc does not learn from their past. The answer lies in the sample fact that they use their willful ignorance in an attempt to compensate their traumatic past and memories. They behave in a manner which makes them feel they would never be subject to the same treatment. While the fact remains, they can improve the quality of their life and relationships if they seek professional help and decide to tone their inner narcissism. 

Its Always About Supply, Not Demand 

The rule of supply and demand does not matter or apply to the narcissists. You never demand the narcissist person to act in the way they do, but they depend on you and your "supply." Once you cut off the supply, you will trigger the alarm and the narc will be more active than ever to bring you in the loop again.  The narcissist without the supply is similar to a fish out of water. They cannot remain without supply irrespective of the demand. You never demand to be abused, bullied or dominated but a narc will always want this supply. 

The narcissists are so obsessed with the supply that they sometimes create different channels of supply. For example, if you are having a love relationship with a narc, they will try to a friend as replacement for you. The idea of you leaving them scares them so much that they want to have replacements.

The narcissist will follow you to the point of stalking. They will use all their weapons to use against in a bid to keep you hooked and latched onto you. They will smear you and hoovering tactics to blackmail you into keeping the relationship with you. 

The most important reason why they will never let you go is due to their dependence of the "narc" supply which you have been providing to them. 

The people who marry narcissist are always in the most critical and tight spot. Marriage is a very sensitive relationship and often times partners make a lot of compromises and this allows narcissist to keep you in their manipulative loop. 

So, what is the best way to keep the narcissist out of harms way. The only thing that works is going full no contact. Avoid contacting them or any mutual friend. Once the smear, hoovering and other tactics fail, they will use your mutual friends to regain their control over you. 


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