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5 Types of People That Attract Narcissists

  Tim       Friday, June 12, 2020

Narcissists Love These Type of People

Narcissists go well with only a certain type of people. They don't along well with another clone of them: narcissist. You would never see a narcissist attracting another narcissist. They avoid each other like a plague because it is total disaster for both of them. They are always in search of certain types of people who fall prey to their manipulative tactics and agenda of self-grandeur.  If you have either of these personality types, you are in for a mess. Watch out for the narcs around you as they might be on the hunt for new life or business partner. The 5 types as mentioned below are the favorites for narcissist. 

Empath People Attract Narcissists

Empath people attract narcissists more quickly than any other type of people. Narcissists love empaths for their very vulnerable personalities. Empaths have the inner disposition towards helping and fixing other people's problems and this is something that attracts narcissist towards them. Narcissists would love to capitalize and manipulate this very nature of an empath.  For example, if you are friends with a narcissist, you would feel positive, as an emapth, by helping them in need but the mind of narcissist does not work like you. This is just a bait for them for a series of manipulation in future. You would mistake their expressions of fake gratitude for genuine feelings when in reality they are con artists in relationships.  The only way to deal with narcissist is to improve and heal your empath nature. Once you start working on your empath nature, the narcissist in relationship would start avoiding you like a plague.  

2-People Who Forgive Others Easily
While forgiveness is a virtue in itself and such people are gold of a a nature but narcissists see an opportunity in  these people of manipulating and deception. You will easily forgive the mistakes and errors of a narcissits and it will fuel them to use this strength of "forgiveness" as your weakness. You will be in a tough spot for sure. The more you forgive them, the more they will deceive and manipulate you. 

3-Helpers/Social People Who Want Welfare
The people who are dedicated to social work and want welfare of deprived and less privileged people are also an easy target of narcissist. Narcissists would love to win favors without giving back anything in return and this is why such people are often a soft target.  

4-People with Too Much Positive Outlook 
The idea of too much and pure positivity with heart and intent does not go well with the narcissists. The narcissist capitalize on such people and implant the ideas of negativity through their common tactics. If you have a positive outlook towards life and other people, a narcissist might be in the lurk for you. 

5-People Who Have Already been Abused by Narcissist 
Narcissists love the idea of establishing relationships with those who have been previously abused by an another narcissist. There are the same ways and strategies that narcissist employs to complete their agenda. Only people who have overcome and understood the nature and workings of a narcissist will escape them.  


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