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Dua when using car | plane | bike & any transportation

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Islam has taught etiquette and rules for doing every single act and using different modes of transportation is one of these acts in which we need God's mercy, assistance and power from start to finish.

Whether you are getting into a vehicle (car, bus), riding a bike or boarding an airplane or a ship/vessel for sailing through seas, you need this simple, yet powerful dua from Quran that is easy to memorize and recite. Also, there is English translation and transliteration along with the Arabic text.

"Glory be to Him Who has brought this (vehicle) under our control for we could never have accomplished this by ourselves. And to our Lord surely must we return." [Surah Az Zukhruf verse 13)
Islamic dua prayer when using car, bike, plane and ship
This dua-prayer, recommended in Quran, should be recited when getting into vehicles such car, bus, riding a bike and boarding an airplane for air travel and ship for sea voyage. Arabic text along with English translation 

 Subhaanal lazi sakhara lana haaza wama kunna lahu muqrineen, wa inna ila rabbina lamun qalibub [Surah Az Sukhruf verse number 13]

How to recite

When you get in your car or get on a bike to ride, recite this dua-prayer before starting the engine. If you are riding in a car or a vehicle (taxi, bus, etc) as passenger, recite the dua in your heart and silently through your tongue as well right after getting in.

It is advisable to keep the dua in the written form in your vehicle, in case you still haven't memorized it. To memorize it faster, you can listen to the recitation as it will enable you to quickly learn the pronunciation. However, reading the transliteration will help greatly.


There are countless benefits and blessings of reciting the above mentioned supplication as it is based on surrender to God, His capabilities and mercy. When we allow Allah to step in and take our affairs into His hands, things become easy and this our thanks to the Most Merciful Lord. 

1) Safe ride/commute as now things are in Lord's hands

Creation is complex. We have little control over our conscious mind and there are countless aspects that keep happening without our control and knowledge. Riding in a vehicle will become a safe and gratifying experience where you will be expressing surprise and thanks to God for the blessing of commute and vehicles. You will be protected from road accidents Insha Allah.

Air travel, like any commute, needs to be protected with Lord's grace, power and intelligence. Always remember to recite the above mentioned prayer before boarding a plane. 

2) Overcoming driving fears and road anxiety

Keep reciting this dua as you start your car and drive. Recite it for the entire time you are driving. Soon, you will develop mental power enabling you to drive your vehicle calmly and with ease.

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If you are a new driver and feel road anxiety as you think you have poor road sense and lack of control over the vehicle, this supplication is the best solution for you to enhance your skill. Most of the times, these fears are nothing more than psychological and spiritual issues that block our material progress. These issues stifle human activities by sending a person thoughts of fear, lack of motivation and impatience. This prayer will clean all spiritual and mental blockages that can negatively impact your overall driving experience 

Thanks for reading Dua when using car | plane | bike & any transportation

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