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Simple dua-wazifa to gain confidence in driving

  Pakrush Admin       Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Driving a vehicle can be hard for some, especially those who have never done it before or have just begun learning the skill. However, being Muslim you should be confident in God's abilities and mercy as you can overcome fears through these dua and wazifa.

Don't be ashamed and anxious as there's no need to be afraid of driving. People can't be perfect in every single skill, so don't let it upset you. You will soon become confident Insha Allah. Express your true feelings sincerely to Allah that right now you may not be as perfect as you think you should be, but you are willing to perfect your driving skills and remove fears by His grace and power.


This dua-wazifa must be practiced after Fajr, Asr and Isha salah (prayers).

Step 1) Recite Durood e Ibrahimi (Durood Sharif) 11 times
Step 2) Recite the below mentioned dua 200 times (with translation in your mind and keep your desire in your mind while reciting)
Step 3) Recite Durood e Ibrahimi (Durud shareef) 11 times
Step 4) Blow on yourself.


➔ When you recite the dua-wazifa, please make sure that you are thinking about Allah's power, strength and His abilities. Focus on how easy it is for God to make you a good and confident driver despite your current situation. It may be hard for you to learn driving fast but not for the All-Powerful Lord.

➔ Fixate your attention on Allah for the entire time you are reciting the dua-wazifa. Don't, for a moment, think about how difficult driving is, or how inexperienced you are. Just put all your trust in Allah for as long as you are reciting. Allah will deal with all those fears, hesitations, worry and your lack of experience. Just trust and see miracles.

➔ At the end of each recitation (after salah, fajr, asr and isha), express your sincere thanks to Allah for this dua, for your car or vehicle, for your eyes, legs, hands and the opportunity to drive. Thank God for giving you hope through these supplications and His dikhr because if He didn't allow us to seek help from Him, we would never be able to ask anything from Him.


There are countless benefits of reciting this dua as Hadiths and Islamic text is full of it. No question about its power and authenticity. However, regarding your particular wish/desire, which is to become a confident and expert driver, people reciting it will experience these benefits Insha Allah.

  • Fear will end. 
  • Your road sense will improve.
  • You will gain confidence miraculously and your driving skill will improve every single day. You will notice it right before your eyes Insha Allah.
  • You will drive with a calm mind and your control over steering will become more and more impressive.
  • Driving will feel natural to you and you will enjoy it more thanks to Allah.

Thanks for reading Simple dua-wazifa to gain confidence in driving

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