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Quick protection against enemy with this dua-wazifa

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Protection is the key to living a fulfilled and successful life but most of the times people do not care much about their precious self and life as they allow others to take unfair advantage of them. Being Muslim, you must realise that Allah overpowers everything, and that includes your enemies too. To quickly put yourself in a safety zone created by God, you have this short yet powerful Islamic dua and wazifa at your disposal.
Dua for protection from enemies


Allahumma inna naj'aluka fee nuhoorihim wa-naudu-bika min shuroo rihim

English translation

O Allah ! we (I) ask You to face them and seek Your protection against their evil

How to recite 

Follow the simple 2-step method to build a powerful spiritual shield around you and keep your enemy from harming you. 
  1. Recite the dua 3 times 
  2. Blow on your hands and rub them all over your body, starting from head to toe

* If you are in a situation where blowing on hands isn't possible, just recite it silently in your heart and blow on your body just in your imagination.

Please note there are various methods of using this dua/wazifa, however, blowing on hands and rubbing them all over your body is derived from the teachings of Prophet Mohammad SAW as He SAW used to recite Surah Falaq and Naas, blow on His SAW hands and then rub them all over His SAW body.


The benefits and advantages of this dua are limitless as it not only keeps you protected in your material world by the will of Allah, but also your spiritual health remains intact. 

If your main concern is easy protection, and you do not care about how it happens, whether your enemy gets punished or they simply stop their rivalry against you, you need to make this dua part of your everyday life. When you only seek protection, you only care about your own benefit and this makes you a responsible person. Instead of wishing bad for your enemy or cursing them, you should focus on getting yourself out the trouble and avert a threat.

If enemy poses serious threat to life

Yes there are times and occasions in life when enemies may become so destructive that the only way forward is to confront them and remove them by force. Islam has given us prayers and duas in such life-threatening situations too. Prophet Mohammad, on one occasion, asked Allah to defeat the enemies of Islam with full force. 

Tips for 100% results 

  • When reciting this dua, ask yourself this question with sincerity: Who is more powerful? Allah or your enemy.
  • After you have recited and blown on your body, have complete and unshakeable trust in Allah. 
  • Be patient and don't doubt.
  • Thank Allah for this dua. 
  • Thank Allah in advance for protection He is going to give as a result of using this dua or wazifa.

Thanks for reading Quick protection against enemy with this dua-wazifa

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  1. Tried tested many times;shown by a great Sufi many years ago; of course one ought not to pray any Dua to test whether it works.

  2. Mashallah nice dua


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