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Find Your Soul And Life Purpose

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Finding Your Soul Purpose

What is our soul purpose? What were we born to live and achieve? We all have some purpose in our life both in terms of soul and physical body.  There is a misconception about the concept of soul purpose and people usually mistake their physical body interests, achievements, and desires for their soul purpose while it has nothing to do with our physical bodies and daily day-to-day activities. 

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light." -- Mary Dunbar

First off, we need to shed that misconception that our physical body goals are consistent with our soul purpose. That is not the case. The physical body interests continue to change with the passage of time. For example, you might have an interest in sports while your twin brother may be exactly opposite to you with a strong distaste for sports.  The physical body purpose on earth is something that we have conditioned our minds to embrace. For example, in your school years, you might have a great interest in sports and hang out with friends but in your professional life, you might be acting like a completely different person.  

However, the fact remains that we all have a higher soul purpose and we may not necessarily know that. People who choose spirituality as their life path may see life differently altogether. For them, it is not just blood and flesh and there is a deeper meaning to life. 

Difference Between Life Purpose and Soul Purpose
There is a difference between life purpose and soul purpose. Our life purpose remains subject to change throughout our lives. Just take for example: recall how did you think and feel about your life when you were a teenager? And how has life purpose changed now in later 20s and 30s? Things have dramatically changed in your life for sure. While life purpose and soul purpose are not necessarily the same but they go hand in hand as we proceed and advance in life. 

Life Purpose

Life Purpose is different for everybody. Some may find joy in seeking further education while others may simply thrive by advancing themselves in sports and other non-educational pursuits. The career we have chosen defines our life purpose. However, there may be multiple life purposes. One can choose to become a doctor and be a believer in social welfare at the same time. 

These physical life purposes serve as stepping stone for our future spiritually distinctly and probably higher purpose as well. We all have modern-day demands to fulfill such as completing formal education, getting married and raising kids. 

Our mature lives usually after 25 years of age involve several personal and professional accomplishments. Once we achieve a goal, we move on creating a new one for us and this cycle continues. 

Our life goals and accomplishments continue to change as we grow and our life purpose differs from each other. So, how can we find our life purpose? There are a couple of ways through which we can ascertain what our life purpose is but the soul purpose often remains unchanged and static. 

How To Find Your Life Purpose

Finding your life purpose is easy. All it takes is a deeper level through the process, genuine interest and passion for a particular activity and life-path. 

Find Your Inner Gifts

You can start exploring your inner gifts and talents and this may be a cornerstone for your life path and purpose. For example, if you are a born athlete, you will find your inner gift when you engage in a sport you love. You will be performing better than your peers and that with minimal practice and effort. Sports is just an example, you can find your inner gifts in any other field as well. 

Hone And Pursue

A lot of people are born with great penchant for a particular profession but they never pursue that and their inner talent never manifests and as a result, they do not go too far in terms of their personal and professional accomplishments. The first step is to discover your inner talents, the second is to hone and pursue those interests and achieve more in life.  

How To Find Your Soul Purpose

Now that you know, the physical body interests and inclinations have nothing to do with your soul purpose, there are a couple of ways and exercises through which we can find our soul purpose.

Pay Attention To Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition in every situation and life experience. It helps gain insight into the vast realm of what our soul and our purpose on the earth. You may come up with a soul purpose such as being healer, social worker, religious leader, and traveller. Whatever your soul purpose is, it will remain unchanged for the rest of your life and even beyond that. Our soul lives on when our physical bodies die. 

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is great tool for us to go deep into our minds and soul. It can help us find our soul purpose. Lucid dreaming is one of the most conventional and mostly used tools in spiritually to know the truth and inner wisdom related to our souls.

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