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Biography Cemo Basen - Pakistani Instagram Personality

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Cemo Basen is the most famous and talented Actor, Dancer, Entertainer and  Pakistani Instagram Personality who currently living in Las Vegas, the USA for the last many years. He is followed by 228K followers on Instagram with 5 videos which have more than 1 million views. Most of his followers are from India, Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, and other countries as well. The remarkable thing about his videos, 1 video get 2 million views and the other gets 3 million views. 

Who is Cemo Basen?

Cemo Basen (Muhammad Qasim) was born in UAE and he raised in Bhaati Gate, Lahore which is known as Walled City. He actually belongs to a poor family where he doesn’t have sufficient support from his family to make his dreams come true. His father (Nasser ud Din) was a tailor and he still belongs to the same occupation. His Mother (Nasreen Sadia) is also belong to the same profession and still, she is taking her profession without any hesitation. He got his early education in Central Model School Lahore. He personally has faced a lot more hard time in his life from the early start because his father doesn’t have sufficient amount to pay for my school fee and uniform as well and the reason is to have a responsibility for the whole family. Most of the time he uses to borrow uniform his friend for the school and this is actually a heart-touching moment for me as well to write down it. School teachers helped him to buy his books so he can continue his studies and this would be the best example of a great teacher who actually wants to see their students succeed in the future respectively. So he continued to his studies and completed his matriculation from the same school. 

Introduction to his professional carrier

At the age of 12, he considered that he is very much confident to face the camera and he wants to become an actor. Unfortunately, his family was totally against this profession and they want him to complete his education to get a well settled professional job. He started his first carrier job in Dubai Majid Al Futtaim for 2 years. He gets another opportunity to work with Citi Bank in Dubai as well where he did a job for 3 years respectively. During his professional carrier, he always has the feelings to become an actor and finally, he has switched to the USA to serve the Hollywood industry. He steps forward to be the first Pakistani actor in Hollywood. During his struggle, he posted his video on Instagram for the first time which also gets viral across the world. Most of the people from different countries have started following him and people have also created fan pages of his name. Cemofanpage, Cemofanworld and many others. His first video gets 2 million view and other video gets 3 million views which is actually a remarkable victory for him. A lot more young boys and girls get inspired by his personality and they have started following his lifestyle as well to become like this. He actually loves his fans on Instagram and he started making some sort of motivational videos as well in different foreign languages. This is actually the great start of his carrier towards success.
Where is Cemo Basen from?

About his family

Muhammad Qasim (Cemo Basen) has 1 Brother Named Asama, and one sister named Madiha. He is still single as his marital status. Currently, he is living in the USA. He actually wants to remove all those flashback memories in which he has faced a lot more hurdles by all means. He is actually performing extraordinary with his talent and no doubt, he is also getting an increase in his fan following as well. 

A journey from Muhammad Qasim to Cemo Basen

Cemo Basen is a Polish Word which means (Swimming pool) assigned this name to his close Polish Female friend (Hania Wu). Well, luckily he got sincere and supportive friends which always support him to make his dream come true. With the prayers of his parents, he has proved himself that he can actually do anything. He actually has a dream to represent Pakistan in Hollywood by getting a chance in the industry. No doubt, in future he will get the chance in Hollywood and he will be in the top of the list where you want to look him. 
“One can easily achieve all those targets which he/she want only a true determination can make it possible for you. Be gentle towards your dream and one day you will definitely achieve your targeted goals” 


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