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How Indian Businesses Can Find Corporate Lawyers For Their Needs

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A lot of business owners start asking about tips for choosing the best corporate lawyer when their organization faces problems of a legal nature. They could have avoided the hassle if an able and legal consultant was hired by them when the venture was in the planning stage. In this article, we are giving a few tips about finding one of the best corporate lawyers in India that will be helpful for any entrepreneur looking to start a new commercial organization.

How to find corporate lawyers for Indian businesses
Finding Corporate Lawyers For Indian Business

1. Identify The Correct Type Of Lawyer Needed

It is vital for the health of your organization to select a professional who specializes in working with businesses rather than opting for one who does not have much experience of handling matters for a commercial venture. Choosing the correct type of lawyer is vital as such professionals can add value to your enterprise by taking care of important matters like the framing of watertight contracts or agreements besides providing counsel on compliance matters. Every law professional has the skills of drafting legal documents but a person having expertise in composing documents that are specifically needed by firms is more suitable than one with no experience in the area.

2. Choose Someone With Experience Of Your Industry

In order to get access to most sensible advice, it is important to identify and locate a lawyer who has previous experience of working with companies in your industry. Every firm has its own specific needs and requirements related to operations, funding, compliance etc. which are dependent on the nature of the business that the firm is involved in. A group may be providing a unique service that has been created by it which will make hiring a professional with in depth knowledge of IP laws mandatory to secure its rights over the service. Similarly, a company may be involved in retail business with a number of stores and for them a lawyer with experience in HR policy matters and consumer protection laws will be a suitable choice.

3. Size Of Your Enterprise Will Dictate The Choice

The size, as well as the nature of the operations of your enterprise, dictates the choice of the corporate lawyers firm that needs to be hired. A new business with limited operations and simple compliance requirements can use the services of a small law firm but if the legal matter is of a complicated nature then it will be advisable to hire a reputable firm who can help in getting a favourable result. It is also important to factor in the future plans of the company as well while making the decision about selecting the right firm. A startup that is growing rapidly may need specialized services on matters like offering an IPO in the near future and therefore engaging lawyers who have the relevant skills will be advantageous.

4. Knowledge Of Compliance Requirements Is Essential

Any professional must be tested for his/her knowledge of all the legal and other regulatory compliance requirements unique to your business vertical. The primary reason of engaging a lawyer is to prevent any sort of legal hassle that may arise due to the violation of any government regulations and therefore it will be pertinent to test the advisors on their proficiency in laws governing your business. Conduct some research about the most common legal problems that enterprises in your domain face and ask searching questions to gauge the awareness of the professional about them and their ability to resolve them. It is one of the most important tips for choosing the best corporate lawyer as non-compliance may attract legal as well as monetary penalties besides harming the reputation.

5. Possession Of All The Relevant Skills Is Necessary

An attorney is hired not only for representing the company in a court of law or tribunal but also for providing counsel on observation of all legal regulations, framing of documents and necessary safeguards. An assessment of the suitability of an advisory firm can be made by ascertaining whether they possess all the relevant skills required to provide good counsel to any business organization. Asking questions about work done by the agency for securing the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of other clients besides queries about the abilities of its workforce in drafting documents like employee contracts or Human Resources (HR) policy which outline the responsibilities of a company, will be helpful.

6. Ability To Advise On Company’s Financial Structure

Professionals who have the ability to provide guidance on the best legal type and financial structure for a venture that will be beneficial with regards to taxation and revenue generation must be hired. The lawyer must also be adept at advising on the most suitable methods of funding a venture by outlining the advantages and drawbacks of each of them besides describing the amount of control the prospective investors will have over the enterprise.


These are some of the most helpful tips for choosing the best corporate lawyer and will be of valuable assistance to any entrepreneur searching for experienced and accomplished legal professionals who can provide advice to their venture.

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Amy Jones is a professional legal expert working with Ahlawat & Associates-top law firms in India. With a long background of taking up several types of cases, she is able to provide the legal services for their clients in a professional manner and help them to solve their complicated legal issues. she keeps writing about different legal matters.

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