Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dua to recite for first, second and third Ashra of Ramadan

  Sehrish Khan       Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Ramadan is all about blessings, seeking God's forgiveness, rewards and review of one's own self.  Keeping in mind the importance of this blessed month, here are must-recite duas to gain maximum benefits in the three ashras.

Dua for first 10 days | 1st Ashra

Dua first 10 days Ashra
Dua for first 10 days of Ramadan (1st Ashra) with Arabic text and English translation
First Ashra is all about mercy of God. Since this month brings us countless opportunities for rewards, this prayer is a must if we want Allah to shower His fadl upon us on a continuous basis. God's mercy is already present, even when we are not pleasing Him or angering Him, but the real importance of this ashra lies in the fact that it is short-cut to attracting more mercy so that we can lead a successful life both in this world and akhira.

Dua for second 10 days | 2nd Ashra

Dua for second ashra of Ramadan

Second ashra is about seeking forgiveness from Allah. The prayer prescribed to recite from 11 to 20th Ramadan is the acknowledgement that we make mistakes all the time and we cannot purify ourselves until we surrender ourselves before God and admit our faults, sins and negligence. According to a hadith, shayateen are captured and confined during the month of Ramadan, so the only hurdle is our nafs, which can be controlled easily.

Dua for last 10 days | 3rd Ashra 

dua for third ashra of Ramadan

The third ashra of Ramadan is about seeking refuge and protection from hellfire. Since human life is limited and the ultimate outcome of it is physical death which will begin a new phase of never-ending life called akhirah, Allah wants us all to at least get ourselves protected from the torment of hell.

How important is 3rd Ashra

Importance of the third ashra is evident from the fact that Allah is giving those people a chance to save them from permanent loss (hellfire) even if they have messed up their life and the only hope is left that they at least save themselves completely in the hereafter. 

Thanks for reading Dua to recite for first, second and third Ashra of Ramadan

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