Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pakistani political culture: Asfandyar Khan of ANP and Professor Ghafoor Ahmed of Jamat e Islami

There was a time in Pakistani politics when politicians knew how to have difference of opinion without insulting or disrespecting each other. This culture now seems the thing of the past, which has now been replaced with loud-mouthed, headstrong and aggressive faces that are put on screens to defend their respective parties. 
Pakistani political talk shows are often the scene of verbal war among opposing parties, with their representatives trying their best to shut the opponents up. 

Take the example of Asfanyar Wali Khan of ANP (Awami National Party) and late Professor Ghafoor Ahmed of Jamat e Islami. I am moved by the sincerity and maturity of these two leaders as they were well aware of their boundaries and knew how to have difference of opinion despite political or ideological rivalry. 


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