Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Masnoon way of doing wudu (wuzu)

  Sehrish Khan       Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Are you wondering what's the masnoon way of doing wudu (wazu) because you probably think you have have been doing it an unauthentic way, then scroll down to read this post.
What is the masoon way of doing wudu
Steps to making wudu:

1) Make niyyah (intention) of making the wudu (in your heart or simply by saying Bislmillah" - the main idea is: you must be aware of what you are going to do and why you are doing it)
2) Wash your hands
3) Clean mouth by rinsing water into it three times
4) Clean your nose by lightly inhaling water into it three times
5) Wash face three times
6) Wash lower arms, from wrist to elbow, three times (right to left)
7) Wet both your hands and do masah by wiping your head starting from forehead to the back of the head. Also, wipe your ears and outer portion of both ears.
8) Wash both your feet three times, from toes to ankle (first the right foot, then the left one)
9) Recite Dua after wudu


Thanks for reading Masnoon way of doing wudu (wuzu)

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