Friday, June 29, 2018

New video of Imran Khan doing sajda at Baba Farid Shakar Ganjj

Imran khan is never fed up with facing challenges and yet again, the social media of Pakistan is brimming with videos of him bowing down (doing sajda) at the doorsteps of renowned Sufi Saint's Maqbara.
The video showing the PTI leader stepping into Baba Farid Shaka Ganjj's tomb at Pakpatan along with his wife has gone viral across not just the social media platforms, but also the electronic and print media.

PTI followers and opposing parties are now at loggerheads over whether the act done (sajda) by Imran khan at Baba Farid tomb is deemed as haram (not permissible) or halal (permissible) in light of Islamic sharia. 

People are sharing their views on their social media profile, with much of the criticism driven by political tussle but obviously not on religious grounds.

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