Sunday, May 20, 2018

Should you have cold drinks in Iftar? (Ramadan tips by Mufti Tariq Masooq in Urdu)

Ramazan tips in Urdu: Do you have cold/soft drinks in iftar on a daily basis during ramadan? If yes, then get ready to destroy your belief in these sugar-loaded soft drinks.

Soft drink companies invest heavily in their products advertisement and make these drinks irresistible for many. 

Your can agree with Mufti Tariq Masood or disagree, but you must have reasons to drink these beverages as they don't have health benefits at all. I have stopped taking cold drinks altogether, let alone have them in iftar.

I will not go into details of how these soft drinks are produced, the only thing that should raise our concerns is that they are loaded with white sugar, which is not at all good for health.

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