Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dua-prayer for stress and panic attack

Stress and panic attacks can cripple a health person and block their day-to-day tasks. Some people unluckily develop this mental problem due to a number of reasons(but we will not go into the details of the reasons in this post). Fom an Islamic perspective, stress and panic attacks are completely under the victim's control, but it needs practice and regular prayers (duas) to get rid of it. 
Best Islamic dua for stress relif and panic attacks
Dua-prayer for stress and panic attacks in Islam (authentic hadith - Al Bukhari 7/158)

Transliteration: Allahumma inni audubika minal hammi wal-hazani wal-ajzi walkasali waljubni walbukhli wadhala'id dyni waghalabatir rijaal

This dua is a complete package for "how to deal with stress in Islam" as it has wordings so powerful and so meaningful that it quickly connects you to the Almighty as this prayer asks you to first surrender to Allah by accepting that you can be overpowered by anything acting by the will (izn) of Allah. 

Stress and panic attacks are a form of spiritual problem as they originate at thinking or mental level. The symptoms of stress (sweating, heavy breath, headache and fear) may manifest on the physical plane and they originate at the thought level or on the spiritual plane.

In Quran, Allah talks about the importance of His remembrance. Quran tells us that if we don't remember Allah and turn away from His dhikr (remembrance/praise/acknowledgement/qadr/assessing His importance), then the Almighty unleashes shayateen on us, trying to harm us. 

The best way out is to turn to Allah by learning these duas and prayers. It is not enough to memorise the Arabic text as it does help to get you started and help you gain momentum, but learning, understanding and dwelling on the dua is the key to gaining maximum benefits. 

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