Monday, January 29, 2018

Best Islamic Dua for Hajat

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, January 29, 2018

What is the best Islamic dua for hajat? 
Make your hajat come true with this beautiful dua. No matter what situation you are going through, you should always place your trust in the mercy of Allah. With this supplication at your disposal, you should have no fear or worries. 

Surah Al- Qasas - Verse 24
Best and most powerful dua for any hajat in Islam

You may have hajaat regarding money, marriage, or even health issues. This dua can be recited on a regular basis. 

This dua will work 100% if:

*) You have one hundred percent belief in Allah's mercy and power.
*) You have patience. If you are impatient and keep doubting, your hajat will get delayed. 
*) You are trying to avoid sins at all costs. 
*) You are thankful for your existing blessings and favors. 

Remember this general rule for the acceptance of any prayer:
Keeping in mind this general rule will enable you to recite your duas with more patience, full confidence and realistically - something Allah wants us to do when dealing with our desires and goals. 

How serious/passionate are you?
If you are not really interested in a hajat, you won't see it happen. You should have a burning desire to achieve it. Allah sees how much willing we are for a prayer (regardless of how good or bad your intention is)

How much confidence or belief you have?
If your mind is doubtful and you think your problem is bigger than Allah, then it makes no sense to turn to God. Believe with full confidence that Allah is bigger than everything, He is bigger than your problem and desires. He knows how to make things. He has all the knowledge required to make your dreams come true. The idea is to put our complete trust in confidence in the power and abilities of the Lord. 

How much patience you show?
This is the step most of us are bad at. We make sincere prayers, wait for a few days or weeks and when we see our prayers/duas are not being answered, we start to panic and act impatiently. If we take care of the first two steps and keep in mind their importance, then we will automatically show patience. 

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