Monday, October 9, 2017

How to thank God for sales prospects - powerful prayer

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, October 9, 2017
Real Gratitude or thankfulness can accelerate the process of getting more and more sales prospects. If you can learn to thank God for your existing business and sales - no matter how good or bad they are right now.  Just start thanking God for every single process of your sales and overall business progress. But it has been noticed that is is not easy to create the real feeling of thankfulness as we live in a society that encourages entitled behaviour and deservedness, which kill acknowledgment and appreciation of the Lord. Below are the steps that are foundation to creating the right and intense feeling of gratitude.

Step 1. Acknowledge that the real creator of the sale prospect is God and nothing else

Acknowledge that God is the real Creator of sale prospects. Thank you Lord for bringing the sale prospects and possible sales that will come as a result of this converted lead or prospect (all of this has happened by Your Will as nothing in the universe, or beyond universe, happens without Your Will). I acknowledge and understand that every single act of creation requires infinite intelligence and unlimited power, so how can a sale prospect visit and show their interest in buying from me or from my company? Thank You Lord for this great favour. Even the blinking of an eye requires unlimited intelligence and an unlimited number of processes (the brain connected to eye, the lens of the eye, the ability of the eye to see, the air that lets us stay alive so that we can blink that eye. See a small act of creation - blinking - requires unlimited power and infinite knowledge. Can you or any other human possess this much intelligence? Obviously not, then who's the real Creator here? Created things like sales, prospects, you and your team or all-powerful God? 

Step 2: Acknowledge that you are not entitled or special as it could have been worse (think of negative possible events that could have happened due to any reason, but they didn't happen luckily).

Acknowledge God for His mercy as a lot worse could have happened, resulting in no prospect and no sale. What makes you think that you deserve sales prospects? Do we owe God anything? What have we created ? Entitlement mindset is the biggest stumbling block in the way of genuine gratitude. Thank Lord that you kept me in business and saved me from unexpected events. The internet could have gone off during the time the sale prospect came. A storm or worst rainfall could have struck and caused my business operations to stop. Thanking Lord also for the sale prospect as they could have fallen ill. The prospect could have gone to any other business. The prospect could have changed their mind. Your product/website/email/ could have become non-functional due to any reason (it is one hundred percent possible). So, thank Lord for saving me all of these worse events that could have stopped my sales at once, leaving me blaming and complaining.

Dwelling on these two simple steps will create intense feelings of gratitude. Remember, gratitude increases abundance. 


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