Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dua after meal at someone's house (invitation/dinner/lunch party)

Islamic Dua after meal at someone's house as a guest (with Arabic text, English and Urdu translations): You must have been invited to a dinner or lunch as a guest and being Muslim it is important for us to see whether we are following Quran and Sunnah (hadith) in everything we do. This Dua is easy to memorise. 

For those of you who have trouble pronouncing and reading Arabic text of the Dua, here is an easy-to-read English transliteration. 

English Transliteration:  "Allahumma at-im mann at-ama-ni wasqi mann saqaani"

This dua is mentioned in Sahi Muslim. Make this dua part of your regular recitation as it has unlimited blessings and benefits. We all want our rizq/food to give us barakah and when we want Allah to give us barakah in our rizq and meal, we get benefits beyond imagination, both in this dunya and akhirah. 

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