Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bike ride through Azad Kashmir: Is it safe?

Tourism Pakistan: Azad Kashmir is not a difficult area as road conditions are perfect compared with KPK or Gilgit Baltistan, but there are a couple of spots that you must gain info about.
For instance, Ratti Gali. This video from Ratti Gali Azad Kashmir might give you an overall idea of how bike ride can be dangerous if you are a novice just wanting to go on a pleasure ride.
If you are new to riding through difficult or mountainous terrains, this death road (as called by some tourists) must be avoided at all costs. Good luck ! 

 Courtesy The Karakoram Club
 Posted by: Adil Khan

With thanks to The Karakorum Club for promoting tourism in Pakistan and sending the positive image of the country across the globe.

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