Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Was Pakistan-vs-England fixed? Amir Sohail has something to say

By PakRush

Was the match between Pakistan and England fixed? We have no way of knowing whether the match was fixed or not, but what Amir Sohail, former star opener, has revealed during a TV interview is worth paying attention to.

Amir Shohail pointed out a key thing during the interview, stressing the Pakistani sqaud should not forget their deep-rooted weaknesses and errors and they should focus more on what's coming ahead - Pakistan vs the winner of India-Bangladesh semi. Apparently, he is referring to a likely battle between India and Pakistan at Lords.

Amir Sohail is spot on as far as team's worsening position in international cricket. Although the nation has not been able to absorb what the former batsman has said, there is a lot to learn.

I don't want to mention what and who played their role in making Pakistan win the match against England," said Amir. "All we can say is the match was won thanks to Allah and nation's prayers. We should just not worry about the intermediaries (waseela)" that have been used as a vehicle to cause Pakistan to win the semifinal. 

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