Monday, May 1, 2017

Effective Ya Razzaqu wazifa for money and financial problems

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, May 1, 2017
Money and financial problems can trouble any person and in these times it becomes more and more important for you to keep a close eye on your spiritual health as far as your economic well-being is concerned. This Ya Razzaqu wazifa is powerful especially for those going through worst financial losses and money issues. 

How to practice the wazifa:

1. Choose fajr or asr time (after prayer/salah)
2. Sit in a quite place (where there is peace and no noise) 
3. Recite Durood e Ibrahimi (Durud Sharif) seven times
4. Recite Ya Razzaqu 700 times
4. Recite Durood e Ibrahimi seven times once again
5. Continue this wazifa for twenty one days

In order for you to see the results, you must take care of a number of important things/points as not paying attention to them might affect your desired results and keep in the same spot.

1. Belief
Having complete belief in the power, intelligence and mercy of Allah is the key to getting your desires fulfilled so this wazifa too isn't an exception here. You need to have one hundred faith in Allah's ability to end your money problems. 

2. Patience
Patience is equally important as you are supposed to keep doubts and worries from getting into your mind as there is time lag between the wazifa and the manifestation of your desire (everything takes time and this is what gets most wazifa practitioners into trouble)

3. Gratitude/Thankfulness
Being ungrateful and forgetful about the existing blessings is one of the prime reasons that you are in a financial problem as Allah stops His blessings for those who don't show thankfulness for His favors and blessings. So try to give thanks for every single financial and non-financial blessings and favors done by Allah. You can use digital counter to count at least 2000 thanks by saying Alhamdulillah for every single. You will be amazed by the results Inshahallah. 

Practise the Ya-Razzaqu wazifa and see money roll in. Don't forget to let me know how well you did with your wazifa. If you are having trouble starting it, feel free to get in touch with me by commeting below. 

Stay blessed. 


Thanks for reading Effective Ya Razzaqu wazifa for money and financial problems

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  1. how can i count these time its abit hard for me

    1. Salam Usama, thanks for stopping by.

      Counting is key. You can buy a digital counter, which can be purchased at any store. If you cannot find a digital counter, you can use an online counter. All you have to do is keep clicking on the counter each time you say the words. Check it out here, for example:


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