Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dua when moving out of old house and moving into a newly-purchased or rented house

Dua is a means of connection to Allah – the Lord of heavens and earth, and the main purpose of dua is to let Allah know that we surrender to Him in every area of life.

If you are moving out of your old house and are just about to move into the new place, do these following things for barakah (blessings):

Give thanks to Allah for giving you the new house
This is the most important aspect of your dua. When you don’t give thanks to Allah, you actually send a message to Allah that you don’t acknowledge His power, His mercy and His ability of creation. When you don’t give credit to Allah, you actually send a message to Allah that you don’t care about His favors. Start giving thanks to Allah for the new house, for peacefully moving out of the old house, for everyone involved in arranging the shifting from old place to new place.

Seek protection from harms and evil
It is important for you seek Allah’s protections from all kinds of harms and evil effects as you start living in the new house.

A simple dua like will suffice: Auzu billahi minashaitaanir-rajim
“I seek refuge in Allah from Satan (shaitan)”

Say Bismillah every time you enter the house.

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