Monday, April 24, 2017

An easy wazifa for increase in rizq - 21 days

Are you struggling to make ends meet and you are also trying hard to find an income-generating work, but sadly all your efforts seem to produce no results? If so, this wazifa can be a great help as it is based on a Quran Surah known (according to a Bukhari-Muslim Hadith narrated by Abu Said al Khudri & Ibn e Abbas RA) as a "ruqya". Without going into details, ruqya is "spiritual healing" permissible by Sharia (Quran n Sunnah).


- Choose fajr or Asr times (preferably after you have offered salah)
- Sit in a quite place (so you can practise the wazifa without any interruption and mental distraction)
- Recite Surah Fatiha 21 times 
- Continue this wazifa for 21 days straight (without any gap)

This wazifa will not work if:

1) You do not have a one-hundred-percent faith in Allah's power, ability and mercy.
2) You are letting doubts enter your mind wondering whether you are going to have an increase in your rizq or not (it also means your negative thoughts are more powerful than your positive ones)
3) You are being impatient (Allah loves those who work with patience)
4) You are not practising this wazifa on a regular basis (as mentioned above - Allah wants you to make dua/wazifa constantly so it indicates that you are serious about making a wish to Allah - Allah ignores lack of seriousness)
5) You are not doing it with interest and passion
6) You are ungrateful for rizq (no matter how much) Allah is giving you right now (you must start doing shukr - gratitude  - on every blessing of food/rizq/money Allah is giving you at the moment).

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