Sunday, April 23, 2017

Surah Falaq English transliteration

For those of you who have trouble reading Quran Arabic, I have shared a very simple English transliteration of Surah Falaq. Please read it over and over again so that you will learn the right pronunciation and know the right word structure.

"Qul auzu be rabbil falaq
Min sharr-ri maa khalaq
Wa-min sharr-ri ghaasiqin iza waqab
Wa-min sharr-rinn naff-fa-saati fil uqad
Wa-min sharr-ri haasidin iza hasad"

Surah Falaq is a small Surah and it can be memorised easily, but if you have no basic Arabic language skills, reciting it can be a bit hard at first. With practice, you can learn to pronounce the word structure well.

Surah Falaq is very important as it was revealed to relieve Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) of a worldly trouble that had been gripped Him (Peace Be Upon Him) in a brief spell of magic cast by enemies of Allah. Allah revealed these verses to remove the magic effects.

A lot of Muslims today recite Surah Falaq on a regular basis, mainly to avoid black magic, harms from creation, and protection from people who have ill-will, jealousy and enmity.

If you have found this English transliteration useful, feel free to share your experience and don't forget to share it to your social media profiles (FB, Twitter and others). Stay blessed ! 

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