Saturday, April 29, 2017

Surah Adiyat English Transliteration

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, April 29, 2017
Here is an English transliteration of Surah Al Adiyat for those of you who are having a hard time learning basic Quran Arabic. Easy sentence structures have been used to let you understand and pronounce it the right way. 

General Information about the Surah

Meaning of Adiyat                                       :Assaulters
How many verses (ayat)/number of verses?: Eleven 
Where was it revealed?                               :  Mecca
What Paara (Juz)?                                       : 30, Amma


"Wal adiyati zab-ha
Fal mooriaati qad-ha
Fal mugheeraati sub-ha
Fa-asarna bihi naq-aa
Fawa satna bihi jam-aa
Innal insaana lirabbihi lakanood
Wa-innahu ala zalika lashaheed
Wa-innahu lihub-bil khairi lashadeed
Afala ya'lamu iza bu'sira ma fil quboor
Wa hus-sila ma fis-sudoor
Inna rabbahum bihim yaoma-izil-lakhabeer"

I have used easy sentence structures in order to help you understand and pronounce Surah Adiyat the right way. You can also listen to the Surah recitation while reading it as it will fasten your results.  


Thanks for reading Surah Adiyat English Transliteration

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