Monday, April 24, 2017

How to give gratitude in advance (for a future blessing that you desire)?

  Sehrish Khan       Monday, April 24, 2017
If you can learn to give gratitude for the things you want in advance, magic will start happening in your life and you will start attracting those things effortlessly. 

Here are simple steps to thanking in advance

1) Close your eyes 
2) Imagine that your desire or wish has been fulfilled 
3) Imagine yourself feeling sincere gratitude and appreciation for the desire fulfilled.
4) Keep repeating the first three steps

Why thanking God in advance works miracle?

You are not the creator, neither are you in charge of anything (physical or spiritual) happening in the universe as the simplest act of creation (even the blinking of your eyes) requires infinite knowledge, a complete control over all the atoms,cells, other physical elements and millions of big and small physical-spiritual processes going on in order to carry out that one simple act of creation (blinking of your eye). 
Now, ask yourself: How much control do you have over creation of any sort? (Even your thinking ability and free will was not created by you--it was gifted to you).
You are just a tool through which God is carrying out countless tasks while testing you as well. All you have to do is thank-desire-and-thank.

The gratitude-in-advance revolves around this fundamental question..............

How much grateful and excited I will be if the Creator fulfils my desire?

The two-step method:

*Imagine your desire having been fulfilled by the Creator (as he has power over everything and nothing is beyond Him)
*Imagine yourself giving intense thanks to Creator for this favour.

How to practise the two-step method?
- Close your eyes and imagine that the Creator has fulfilled your desire (as He has infinite intelligence and power over everything). With eyes closed, see your desire having been fulfilled right before your eyes.

- With eyes closed, imagine and hear yourself (in your mind's eye) giving extreme thanks to the Creator/Lord for fulfilling your wish. Try to create intense feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.

Start practising it by taking two minutes (at least) at the start. You will notice that your ability to imagine and giving thanks in advance will grow each day.


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