Saturday, April 22, 2017

Surah Naas English Transliteration - Simple to understand

Here is a simple-to-understand English transliteration of Surah Naas, for those of you who have difficulty reading Quran text as it may get hard for those who have no experience of Arabic of any level.

Qul Auzu Be-Rabbin-Naas
Min Sharril-Waswaasil-Khannaas
Allazi Yuwaswisu Fe Sudurin-Naas
Minal Jinnati Wan-Naas

I have tried my best not to use hard-to-understand English words to write this Surah Naas transliteration so you can understand it and learn it without any trouble as most of the Muslims living in the west find it hard to learn Quran due to not having basic Arabic language skills.

The idea of English transliterations is to help non-Arabic people to pronounce the text as it is originally pronounced. Using the simplest word structure is the key to creating the right transliteration, which can be done in any way possible and as long as the reader is able to pronounce the words, the creator's job is done.

Please let me know if you find it useful. Thank you for coming by.

Stay blessed ! 

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