Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wazifa for gaining confidence

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, February 26, 2017
Self confidence is something everyone wishes to have, but what Quran teaches is far better than relying on self that is nothing but an ego toy. Allah wants us to have confidence in Himself - the one who has control over everything. When our ego is shattered, our self confidence is sure to go away and we feel pressured to look to something greater than us. So why not start practising putting our trust in something greater than everything else in the universe?

*) Recite Surah Fatiha three times 
*) Recite "Hasbunallahu Wa-ni'mal Wakeel" 200 times after every Salah (Reference Surah Al Imran: chapter #3, Verse no. 173
*) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as thanks to Allah for giving you an opportunity to look to Him.

English translation: "Allah (alone) is sufficient for us. And He is the best disposer of affairs" (Al Imran 3:173)

I have seen this wazifa help people build confidence quicker than you can every imagine. The key to making the most of this wazifa is to stick to it, without taking a break or day off because Allah not only wants us put our trust in Him, but He also wants to see how serious we are in our prayer and wish. The worst mistake you can possibly mistake while practising this wazifa is to take it lightly and do it off again on again, which lessens the impact of the whole practice.
Don't forget to be grateful for all your blessings and the future blessing (confidence) Allah is going to give you Inshallah.
Let me know how your practice is going, as hopefully I can help you with how to get the most out this. Stay blessed.
In order to make this wazifa work for you:
*) Be sure to offer five times salah.
*) Have one hundred belief in Allah that He is going to give you confidence
*) Be patient as there is going to be a time lag between the start and end of your wazifa and the manifestation of your desire from Allah. So, don't be impatient at all.
*) Start counting blessings Allah has given you in every area of life.

Thanks for reading Wazifa for gaining confidence

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