Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gratitude prayer for good health

Gratitude is the most powerful way to ask Allah/Lord/Creator/God to heal you as we know gratitude is the surrender of ourselves to the Lord. This is not conventional prayer that we know. It is based on gratitude. Here's an experience of my regular reader who cured his health problem with this simple gratitude prayer technique I told him.

"I can't believe how powerful gratitude is. The best thing is, my healing has connected me to my Creator"

How I did it?

*) Gratitude on existing blessings: I started doing gratitude on my poor health
*) Gratitude in advance for coming favor (good health in this case): I started letting God know how much grateful I will be to Him when He heals me.

Gratitude on poor health:

1) At my poor health didn't kill me. Thank you Lord for this favor as there are people who end up in hospitals and then in grave for much more complicated health problems than mine. This is a huge favor from you. Thank You.
2) At least I haven't gone mentally ill. Think about how hard your life would be if you went mentally ill? Dwell on that imagination and shift your mind back to reality. Say thanks to your Lord.
3) At least my poor health didn't stop me from working and taking part in financial activities. Poor health can make people go out of business/work and they are forced to by rely on financial aid from others. My health isn't so bad.

You can come up with literally hundreds of health blessing that we usually ignore. Keep thinking about worse things that could have happened to your health, but thanks to Lord, didn't happen.

Gratitude in advance:

This part should be done by imagining the future where you have been given perfect health by Allah/Lord. This is your chance to let the Creator know how much grateful you will be to Him for this huge favor? Will you become ungrateful once you become healthy? Will you give the credit to yourself rather than the Lord? If you would feel gratitude, how would you be doing it? How would you be returning the favor? Dwell on it and keep letting God know how you would be welcoming this coming favor.

This is a magical prayer technique. Practise it and share your experience with me. 

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