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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Indian news channels in Pakistan to be banned?

PEMRA appears to be taking some serious actions lately, but the decision it announces yesterday regarding Indian TV channels being aired in Pakistan is pretty interesting. I think there is no need to ban to the channels as Pakistan channels are as much despicable when it comes to sensationalism, but we respect the decision and agree that it will help promote Urdu and pure Pakistan culture?

Well, are Pakistani channels projecting what they should be projecting? If you think they are projecting true Pakistani culture, then you should have a look at morning shows being aired in the country.

We have to respect the decision of Absar Alam, the current chairman of PEMRA

Why I think Pakistan channels suck as much as Indian ones do?

1) They project crap in the name of freedom (please watch entertainment industry)

2) They believe in sensationalism and sell sensationalism in the name of news.

3) They twist facts and nobody questions them.

4) They make small things look big, and big things look small (breaking news culture is ruining the quality of news).

5) Pakistan dramas are projecting anti-Pakistani culture (full of garbage).
More surprises to come?

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